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Hershey Theatre

The Hershey Theatre is not only a luxurious entertainment venue, but also an integral part of the community. As one of the few remaining historic theatres in Central Pennsylvania, it serves as an important cultural landmark and provides a valuable service to its visitors. Not only will I be able to enjoy top-notch performances while visiting the theatre, but I’ll also be contributing to the local economy and helping preserve the cultural heritage of the area. With its unique atmosphere, quality acts, and community support, a visit to the Hershey Theatre is sure to be an unforgettable experience. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this incredible opportunity! So go ahead and plan your next trip to the Hershey Theatre today. You won’t regret it! Find out more at hersheytheatre.com.

  • Enjoy top-notch performances in a luxurious venue
  • Soak up the unique atmosphere and experience of visiting a historic theatre
  • Receive outstanding customer service from friendly staff
  • Benefit from convenient parking spaces close to the theatre entrance
  • Accessibility for disabled patrons is available with wheelchair ramps, lifts, and more
  • Have an unforgettable night out at the Hershey Theatre Bar & Grill
  • Participate in community outreach programs that give back to local charities
  • Experience state of the art sound and lighting systems for optimal performance viewing
  • Purchase tickets online or over the phone for added convenience
  • Enjoy special discounts throughout the year on select events.