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Troegs Brewing Company

Enjoy Troegs Independent Brewing for a truly unique experience. Troegs is the perfect choice for any beer enthusiast. Their range of craft beers offers something for everyone, with a variety of styles from hoppy IPAs to fruity sour ales. Plus, their commitment to sustainability and quality ingredients means that these are beers you can feel good about drinking. You won’t find a better option for delicious, sustainably crafted beers. With Troegs Independent Brewing, you can enjoy a cold one knowing that you’re supporting an independent craft brewery that is doing its part to reduce its environmental impact. So grab a six-pack and support Troegs Independent Brewing today! Learn more at troegs.com.

  • Range of craft beers with a variety of styles
  • Array of seasonal beers available throughout the year
  • Offering online delivery for those unable to visit the brewery
  • Friendly knowledgeable staff to help you decide what beer is right for you
  • Experienced brewers and a commitment to quality
  • Community events like live music and food trucks onsite
  • Tours available, allowing you to see firsthand how your beer is made from start to finish
  • A Fun and inviting atmosphere in the taproom